Ceramic Bath with 10 Handmade Bath Bombs, 3 Fragrance Selections




A stunning ceramic bath filled with 10 bath bombs.

Display your bath bombs in style with the traditional ceramic bath storage. Easily fits 10 bath bombs in.

Available in 3 different fragrance combinations

Floral – Lavender, Garden Path, English Rose
Fruity – Banana, Pineapple and Citrus Burst
Designer – Coco & Sandalwood, Africa and Miss Koko

Relax with our hand made and hand pressed bath bombs, topped with natural decorations.

Watch them as they fizz and foam like crazy in the tub.

When you’ve used all the bath bombs up, then top them up with our refill packs.

Bath bombs are approx 35g each.

➡️ Sustainably sourced natural ingredients
➡️ Handmade in our Soap Kitchen in the UK
➡️ Free UK Shipping on orders over £30
➡️ We produce all our own products and hold Cosmetic Safety Assessments, Insurance and products are listed on the CPNP.
➡️ All our products are packaged by hand and clearly labelled.
➡️ For more information on our products or ingredients just message 🙂
➡️ Our products are made with natural ingredients, if you have any questions about allergens, please get in touch.
➡️ If you are unsure about anything, please ask us for more information.
➡️ All our products are Vegetarian & Natural.
➡️ Vegan Friendly.

We hope you’ll love our products. As a massive thanks for looking around our shop.

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Floral Bath Bombs, Fruity Bath Bombs, Designer Bath Bombs

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