Natural British – Orange, Clove & Cinnamon


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Refresh and brighten with this beautiful soap bar, delightfully infused with Orange, Clove & Cinnamon essential oils. The perfectly balanced scents relax and clear the mind and body. Vitamin-rich orange essential oils are beneficial to the skin, thought to be promote clarity, radiance and smoothness.

Each Natural British soap is made with shea butter. Shea butter soaps are delightfully hydrating, smooth and gentle to the skin. With our signature blend of oils and beautifully scented, natural ingredients, you’re sure to find a new favourite soap in this range!

Each soap is made by hand – from pouring, stirring and cutting, we take the time to make sure that each soap is the best it can be. Each soap weighs a minimum of 100 grams.

We only use sustainably sourced, natural, vegetarian ingredients in our soaps. Everything is produced in our British workshop to the highest standard; we hold cosmetic safety assessments, insurance and list our products on the CPNP, so you can be sure that each product is safe and thoughtfully made.