Natural British – Tea Tree & Rosemary


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Rejuvenate and energise the senses with this awakening blend of Tea Tree & Rosemary. This uplifting blend of essential oils is the perfect way to freshen up, with the scents perfectly balanced to create a pleasant smelling soap that you will love.

We’ve carefully blended the Tea Tree essential oil and Rosemary with our signature selection of moisturising oils. Each soap is made with a shea butter base, which creates a moisturising, nourishing feel to the skin. You really can tell the difference between shea butter and standard soap!

Each soap is poured, stirred and cut by hand by our highly trained soap maker. Each soap weighs a minimum of 100 grams and is perfectly packaged in its own box. The soap makes a great gift for yourself or a friend!

You can be sure that each soap is made with care and attention; we list each product on the CPNP, hold insurance and Cosmetic Safety Assessments to make sure that each product is safe for your use. We only use natural, vegetarian and sustainably sourced ingredients, so you know you’re being kind to your skin and the planet.